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It’s been over 20 years since TJB was first launched. Screen size/resolution at that time was 640 x 480 pixels. Today screens size 3x larger are the norm. Smart phones and tablets didn’t exist back then however today half of site visitors may be using these devices. We’ve remodeled and added on over the years... but the time came for a Extreme Website Makeover! Complete "tear down" and rebuild from the foundation up and build 5.0

The design is "Responsive Web Design" which means the layout automatically does its best to adapts to the viewers screen size. For example, the menu / navigation changes when viewed on a smart phone and the layout changes vs just being "shrunk" down to fit the screen. We’ve rebuilt from the ground up using best practices and the standards of todays 2.0 web - HTML5, CSS, JSON, JQUERY, PHP and more.

We hope you find the new site easier, cleaner and more pleasant to browse. You are here because a link lead you to a page that has moved or been removed. Please use the links above to explore the new site.

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